Published On : Thu, May 29th, 2014

Vidarbha doctors form organisation to handle head & neck tumors caused by tobacco use

Formation of Vidarbha Society for Head Neck Oncology (VSHNO) to mark World No Tobacco Day observed across the world on May 31.

Nagpur News: Doctors of varying specialties from Vidarbha, after witnessing deadly side-effects of tobacco use in the form dreaded cancers and other chronic diseases, have come together and decided to form an organization called Vidarbha Society for Head Neck Oncology (VSHNO). The formation of VSHNO will also mark World No Tobacco Day observed across the world on May 31. The purpose of this association would be to provide a common platform for different speciality doctors to discuss and contribute equally towards the management of head and neck diseases. The association will include surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists and pathologists. The activities of VSHNO will be focused on public awareness programmes, continuing medical education (CME), lectures, conferences, surgical workshops, scientific deliberations and forums for discussion as well.

VSHNO will be formally launched on May31 at IMA Hall, Nagpur. Noted philanthropist and Rajya Sabha MP, Ajay Sancheti will be the chief guest. Dr Vinay Hazare, Dean, Government Dental Medical College(GDMC), and Nana Samarth from RTO will be felicitated on this occasion for their yeoman services rendered to the cause of prevention of tobacco related diseases.

World No Tobacco Day is observed across the world on May 31. On this day, World Health Organisation (WHO) and its partners highlight the health risks associated with tobacco use and advocate for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption. The menace of tobacco related health problems has reached alarming proportions. The global tobacco epidemic kills nearly 60 lakh people each year. Tobacco use accounts for at least 30 percent of all cancer deaths globally. In India, the statistics are even more disturbing. Tobacco-related cancers represent 42 percent of male and 18 percent of female cancer deaths at ages 30-69 years. Data from National Family Health Survey shows that almost a third of all Indian males consume tobacco is one form or the other. It is estimated that nearly one third of them will die prematurely due to serious illnesses such as cancers, heart diseases etc caused primarily by tobacco use. A massive number of people are using tobacco in the smokeless form (chewed tobacco) causing an epidemic proportion of oral cancer especially among youth in India.

Tobacco chewing/smoking predominantly causes head neck diseases, both benign and cancerous. The problem of head and neck cancers is particularly vexing in Central India. This factor and vision of doctors of different specialities in Vidarbha determined them to come together and help fight the menace of head and neck tumors, and to alleviate the suffering of these diseases. And formation of VSHNO for tackling head & neck diseases is the first and foremost step in this direction