Published On : Thu, Mar 14th, 2019

Vet students ‘pay homage’ to LDO’s chair as part of protest

Nagpur: The Maharashtra Veterinary Students Association (action committee) on Thursday ‘paid homage’ to the chair of Livestock Development Officer (LDO) chair as part of their ongoing protest against the alleged unlawful promotions in the department.

The outfit has alleged that, the appointment of non graduate veterinary practitioner as LDO is a complete waste. Thus here will be no use of this position and hence the action committee had planned the homage.

“Any graduate cannot relate with the problems of the veterinary doctors. As he or she will not have a sufficient knowledge about the field. As a result they will ultimately fail to relate, understand and solve veterinary student’s problem. Hence there is no point of being appointing such persons to this crucial position,” said Dr Chetan Shembekar, member, Maharashtra Veterinary Students Association (action committee).

On Wednesday, the students staged demonstration inside the college premises demanding rolling back the promotions granted to assistant LDOs by government stating this is in contravention of the Indian Veterinary Act.

The outfit has also threatened to turn their agitation violent if their demands are not fulfilled.