Published On : Tue, Jul 13th, 2021

Vaccination in Nagpur crosses 10 lakh mark

Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has crossed 10 lakh mark of immunising its citizens to ensure they can put up fight against COVID-19. A total of 18 lakh plus citizens are eligible for receiving two doses of vaccine that are being administered by the civic body free of cost in nearly 140 centres throughout the city. As of July 12, about 10,45,780 citizens have got their jabs of which 9,70,506 were vaccinated at NMC and Government Hospitals while 75,274 were covered in private hospitals in city. Talking about Nagpur district as a whole about 19,25,961 people have got their doses as of July 12, of which 14,63,181 have got first dose while 4,62,780 received both the jabs. About 258 sites, including 11 private hospitals, are opened for mass vaccination as administration wants administration of atleast one does to 50 per cent or more of its population.

This would ensure that in case of third wave of COVID-19 citizens would have better capacity to stave off infection thus easing burden on health machinery. A statistical analysis reveals that about 10,23,531 males and 9,02,123 female have been vaccinated. As to age group, in 60+age group 5,85,656 have taken jabs, in 18-44 age bracket-6,09,946 and in 44-50 group 7,30,350 persons have taken benefit of immunisation programme in district. During the month, civic body has created record when they provided vaccination to 35,000 plus citizens on one day helping it cross the 10 lakh mark. However there is still a wide gap between persons who have got their first jab and those covered with both doses. As of July 11, about 7,54,371 have got their first dose as against just 2,79,399 have got both the doses.

NMC is facing hiccups in supplies due to low supply form State Government as there are constraints from manufacturers. Particularly the shortfall on Covaxin resulted in total dependence on Covishield vaccine. Since last fortnight, the shortage has accentuated that led to interruptions in daily vaccination camps. Corporators are taking keen interest in setting up maximum camps so that citizens can get their jabs in the neighbourhood and avoid crowding.

Four cases of side-effects reported in last two months Four cases of adverse reaction have been reported during the last two months post administration of vaccine. This included two persons who came with complaints about uneasiness on June 28, 2021, followed by one person each on July 1 and July 3 respectively. The Doctors immediately stabilised the citizens and post treatment they were discharged, reveals the data on Cowin platform. Similarly, the vaccination drive reveals a major gap in administration of jabs in rural and urban, indicating a major divide. The vaccination in district started from mid January and has peaked in month of July first week.