Utilise bamboo is an alternative fuel resource: Gadkari

Bamboo industry has power to transform country’s economy, says Union Minister

Nagpur: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday said that bamboo can be an alternative fuel resource for not only cement factories but also for bio fuel being used by public transport. “Bamboo industry can emerge as a big industry and a source for generation of employment,” said Gadkari while inaugurating virtual exhibition on ‘Bamboo Products’ and addressing webinar on ‘Utilization of bamboo as an alternative fuel resource for Cement Plants in India.’

The webinar was also attended online by Union Minister of State Dr Jitendra Singh and experts in the bamboo field. Gadkari further said that while contemplating utilisation of bamboo as fuel, a thought must be given for agriculture, rural and tribal backward areas. “Today, the rural economy is passing through a very difficult phase. Sugar, rice, wheat are available in plenty. The Minimum Support Price is much higher in India as compared to the international market. Hence it is necessary to provide relief to the farmers. Although bamboo is available in big quantities in North-East India, bamboo plantation at other vacant places in the country is necessary. Such vacant places are available with the Forest Department. There are only 70 species of bamboo in India as compared to 370 species in China. Farming of Bhima bamboo which gives 200 tonne produce per hectare is very useful. We don’t want bamboo giving 40 tonne produce,” Gadkari stated.

The Union Minister further said that coal is used in boilers of cement factories in India. Instead, bamboo should be used as an alternative. When coal is burned, 48 percent carbon is emitted while bomboo emits only 5-6 percent carbon. In view of this factor, bamboo should be used as an alternative fuel source in cement factories, Gadkari said. “Bamboo used in agarbatti production is cultivated in China. This species of bamboo should be cultivated in India, too,” Gadkari stressed.