Published On : Mon, May 16th, 2016

Urgent need to clean water-bodies to allay water shortage

Civic authorities need to clean-up water bodies

Sonegaon lake
: There are as many as 6 major water bodies in the city. These water bodies include Gorewada Lake, Gandhi Sagar Lake, Sakkardara Lake, Sonegaon Lake, Futala Lake and Ambazhari Lake.

During monsoons, almost all the lakes are full till the brim, but during summer season, the water line recedes back and some lakes like Sonegaon Lake practically dries up.

The Municipal Corporation spends a heavy sum to deepen the lake and remove the silt and dirt from the Lake. However, poor maintenance has rendered these lake fit only for immersion of idols.

Proper cleaning and de-weeding of these lakes would ensure that the lakes host better and cleaner potable water for consumption of the citizens.

Some sources claimed that the Futala Lake is shrinking due to excess growth of Planktons, Hydrilla and other water plants.

Hydrilla is a plant that grows underwater in large masses and oxygenates the water. However, it is also known to proliferate to such an extent that it chokes fish and blocks water inlets.

With proper planning and proper cemented boundaries these lakes could be kept cleaner. Regular maintenance is certainly necessary. This is the right time when the water level has receded, that the weeds and plants be removed from the root and the lake de-silted. Cleaning the bottom of the lake and de-silting of the lakes from all the silt generated by the Plaster of Paris (PoP) from the idols immersed after Ganpathi Festival or Durga Puja will clean the water to a greater extent.

Will the local civic authorities make use of this time before the monsoons to clean the water bodies?