Published On : Mon, May 16th, 2016

Tiger abandons the deer it killed due to human presence

Chiital Deer killed by the Tiger
The nature is pretty brutal in nature. It is one of the rare moments when one gets to witness or capture the incredible images of a tiger chasing a herd of deer before leaping and killing its prey.
Being Tiger Capital of India, there are a decent number of Tigers in forests and jungle areas situated in the mofussil areas of Nagpur.

The incredible moment when a tiger chases an entire herd of deer before sinking its teeth into its prey was recently witnessed by a group of youngsters.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, a Youth Praveen said that he watched with amazement and bated breath as the tigress chased the deer catching the Chiital deer and killing it and dragging it along the ground to the right side of the road.

Early in the morning between 8 to 9 am of May 16, 2016, a tiger was seen killing a Chiital deer and then dragging the deer to the side of the road at a spot 10 kilometers from Nagbhid. However, when the passing vehicles stopped to watch the majestic beast in action, the Tiger ran away leaving the kill.

The number of deer is just sufficient for tigers to have a decent food. One of the biggest tigers identified as Jai is presumed to have made the kill. Spotting a tiger on this patch is pretty good.