Published On : Wed, May 14th, 2014

Unpardonable sin, outrageous act!!

Nagpur News: This man, a father, appears to have gone out of his senses if the sequence of action in the video is witnessed by any sane person. The man committed a ‘Mother of all blunders’ when he approached a petrol pump for fuelling his motorcycle. The man, identified as Kunal Gaekwad, instead fuelled a rage across Nagpur, India and the world as well when he kept the motorcycle in ignition mode despite knowing his daughter is seated right in the front side of the bike. Kunal could be seen parking the motorcycle and carelessly searching money in his pocket without a slightest glance on his daughter. The innocent girl unknowingly raced the accelerator and dangerously speeded up the motorcycle to a short distance before crashing on the ground. The crash must have put life of the girl in jeopardy of unimaginable proportions. The aim of Nagpur Today in running the video is to show how a man could go careless. A small mistake could take the shape of a major disaster. The footage has been downloaded from Orkut.

The video was captured way back in 2007 at one of the petrol pumps at some unidentified location. However, we are still putting it up as we find this video an effective medium to make commuters follow certain things while taking their children along on ride. Small safety measures is the key that can ward off big accidents.