Published On : Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Understand Networking importance in the present era, CA Agrawal tells professionals

Nagpur: The most difficult day in the life of a Chartered Accountant is the day when he qualifies. After qualifying, one has to explore the multiple options available and the one which is best suitable considering the interests. There are multiple doubts in the mind of fresh CA’s and it’s important to help them take the right decision in the initial stage said CA. Sandeep Jotwani, Chairman of Nagpur Branch of ICAI in his welcome address at the “Margdarshan Program – A guide to new CAs” organized by Nagpur Branch of ICAI.

Senior Chartered Accountant CA. B.K. Agrawal mentioned that though he is working as an entrepreneur, but he started his career as a practitioner. He said anyone who wishes to start practice should start it at the early stage to comfortable travel through the gestation period. It’s a world where forming network of professionals offering multiple services is required. Article ship is one of the most important things which will boost the confidence of a chartered accountant. Anyone planning to become an entrepreneur should start from practice which will be beneficial in long run.

CA. Mukund Chaudhary, CMD of MOIL in his address shared his wide experience with the newly qualified CA’s. He mentioned that working with private companies as well as PSU gave various practical learning’s right from taxation to Audit. These learning were very important for reaching to the present level. We should identify various unwanted things in our surroundings and should always try to be away from them. To justify our job, it is essential that should be never take any obligation from anyone and should never compromise with our duty.

Past Chairman of Nagpur Branch CA. Samir Bakre mentioned that Patience is one of the most important things required to achieve success. Never take any decision under compulsion or pressure. To become successful practitioner, we should focus on value addition of our clients for which we actually charge. It is equally important to develop communication skills so that we can easily communicate and present the required things. We should always follow to promise less and deliver more which can be mantra for achieving success in practice.

CA. R.Ramakrishnan who is a successful entrepreneur mentioned that many business leaders in top companies are Chartered Accountants. We can play a very important role in decision making in corporate and this is the place were actually we are required. We should select a particular sector wisely and should concentrate try to get thorough learning of that sector. For that we should not only have the basic knowledge but also get sectoral knowledge and we should apply some innovative ideas on that which can help us to prove our talent.

Renowned Academician CA. Farooq Haque, mentioned that to achieve success, it is important to think about success and to also know about success. We should decide where we want to be and when we want to be. There should be proper plans ready for our life and we should differentiate between long term as well as short term plans for its better execution. Always believe in your abilities rather than believing in the abilities of others. It is very important that our mind should be focused on our aim.

CA. Sushant Mukherjee CFO of SMS Group mentioned that in practice we need to invest sometime but to get the stability in the initial phase, employment can be a very good option. We should think before switching between jobs as it may happen that our previous experience will not be counted in the new job. We have to work with patience and should avoid getting the tag of job hopper. Though we are very much busy with our work but it is equally important to balance your work with your personal life.

Prominently present on the occasion were CA. Saket Bagdia, CA. Sanjay M. Agrawal and around 85 newly qualified Chartered Accountants.