Published On : Fri, Nov 25th, 2016

Two variants of Rs 500 note surface, RBI says printing defect due to rush

25live1Times of India reports: Just two weeks into circulation, there are already different variants of the new Reserve Bank of India Rs 500 notes, which experts fear could not only create confusion in the minds of the citizens but also aid counterfeiting — countering which was one of the top objectives of Centre’s demonetisation move and introduction of new notes.

TOI found at least three case studies where the new notes have been found to vary from one another. In case of one note Abshar (he goes by one name), a resident of Delhi, says: “There is a more than visible shadow of Gandhi’s face, besides alignment issues with the national emblem on the note and even serial numbers.”

RBI spokesperson Alpana Killawala, said: “It is likely that notes with printing defect has got released due to the current rush. However, people can freely accept such a note in transaction or return it to RBI.”