Published On : Thu, Jun 9th, 2016

Two sloth bears mowed down by speeding vehicle

sloth bear-1

Nagpur: Man-animal conflict has been there for some time now. Man is slowly infringing into the territory to lay roads or to extend his habitat. In this process, often either man or animal is injured or killed. In one such incident, two sloth bears were mowed down by a speeding vehicle on the Chandrapur-Ballarshah road early on June 9, 2016.

The wild animals are often spotted crossing the busy roads either in search of food or water. Speeding vehicles often find it difficult to apply brakes of their vehicles to prevent hitting these wild animals.
The roads built by National Highway Authority of India pass through forests, villages and small towns. These roads are built at a great cost to save time.
Even on special requests, the National Highway Authority of India refuse to bypass known biodiversity hotspots since they consider sloth bears, tigers, elephants, snakes. They consider injury or death of any of these animals as acceptable collateral damage. It refuses also to build into road design the precautionary principle. Token under passes and over passes are the order of the day.sloth bear