Published On : Fri, May 22nd, 2015

Two Indian cities in 64 deadliest cities in the world, Nagpur also in the List

Nagpur: India has for long been on terrorists’ radar but in a recent analysis, which includes 1,300 commercial hubs and urban centres around the world, two cities have been named to be at ‘extreme risk’.

Imphal (ranked 32) and Srinagar (ranked 49) are the two Indian cities which are at extreme risk

Another Indian city that faces a terrorist threat is Chennai followed by Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad at different ranks respectively.

Other Indian cities like Nagpur (ranked 210) and Kolkata (212) have also found to face a higher risk of a mass attack by terrorists.

Metros like Delhi (447) and Mumbai (298) are also expected targets.

Around 64 cities around the world are at “extreme” risk, with most in the Middle East and Asia – and three in Europe.

The report was revealed by global-risk-analysis firm Verisk Maplecroft.

In the world list, Baghdad is considered the most at-risk city in the world, with 1,141 people dying in 380 attacks. In all, seven of the most at-risk cities are all in Iraq, including Mosul ranked at No. 2 and Ramadi at No. 3.

According to the index, 64 cities around the world are at “extreme risk” of an attack, most of these are in the Middle East (27) including cities in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan, Pakistan or Asia.