Published On : Sat, Sep 26th, 2015

Two house owners relieved of booty worth Rs 4.27 lakh

Nagpur: Careless on the part of two house owners cost them dearly as burglars including a middle aged woman decamped with cash and gold ornaments collectively valued at Rs 4.27 lakh. No arrests have been made in the theft cases.

In the first incident, a middle aged woman struck at the house of Alok Ashok Kodpurwar (34), resident of Plot No. 104, Kumbharpura, Mahal. Alok had thrown a party at the terrace of his house and he and his family were at the terrace on Friday. But the mistake Alok committed was that he forgot to lock the doors of his house. In the meanwhile, the accused unidentified woman, aged 50-55 years, took the advantage and entered Alok’s house between 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm. Once inside, the woman burglar straightaway went to an iron almirah and decamped with cash of Rs 1,10,000. Alok, after coming to know of the theft, filed a complaint with Kotwali police.

PSI Bambhode has booked the accused middle aged woman under Section 380 of IPC and searching her.

Similarly, the 50-year old Usha Angat Pande, resident of Plot No. 144, near CRPF Gate, Rajgruha Nagar, must be regretting the folly she made of not locking kitchen door of her house. Unidentified burglar(s), gladly accepted the open invitation and entered her house in the wee hours of Friday. The thieves laid their hands at gold-silver jewellery worth Rs 3,27,200 and fled with the booty.
Based on a complaint filed by Usha, MIDC PSI Barad registered a case under Section 380 of IPC and hunting the offenders.