Two hearse vans, one vaccine van lying in NMC’s workshop

Nagpur: Since last two months Nagpur Municipal Cporporation’s two hearse vans and a vaccine van are lying in the workshop. The reason given behind this is a very vague. NMC does not have drivers for these vans. All the three vans appear new The hearse vans were purchased from the MP’s funds of former MP Avinash Pande.

The employees in the NMC’s workshop are active in brokerage practice. The employees are constantly seen surrounded by vendors. Any vehicle of NMC to be repaired is given to company close to NMC employees and all of them are ready take their commission.

The vehicle consuming more fuel is in great demand so that the fuel can be stolen from the vehicle. The workshop department is just for name’s sake. The officials here are just mute spectators they have not been taking any action as all are linked, it is alleged.