Published On : Sat, Apr 18th, 2015

Two goons trick & rob woman but caught by people

Representational Pic

Representational Pic

Nagpur: Two tricksters who tried to rob a woman of her gold ornaments were caught by people and beaten black and blue before handing them over to cops.

The two goons Rajkumar Kamlesh Sharma (38) and Chandankumar Vasudeo Gupta (29), both natives of Bhagalpur in Bihar and their one accomplice trapped the woman Sanjivani Deepak Revatkar (25) in their trick when she was alone in her Somwari Quarters residence. The accused entered Sanjivani’s house and asked her if she wants to shine household utensils with a powder. Saying these words, the accused came forward to give a demonstration. They asked Sanjivani to hand over her gold ornaments to them. The accused kept the gold stuff in a steel box and told Sanjivani to put the powder with some dirty water and heat it up on gas burner. In fact, the accused never kept the gold ornaments in the steel box but just pretended it to be after diverting Sanjivani’s attention. However, the lady luck was smiling on Sanjivani as she doubted the veracity of the powder and opened the steel box only to find it empty. She immediately raised an alarm. Her alarming shouts drew attention of nearby residents of the area who scurried to trace the three tricksters and ultimately found them within the locality. On frisking, the gold ornaments worth Rs 42,335 were found in possession of the three accused. However, the accomplice of Rajkumar and Chandankumar managed to flee the spot. But the two tricksters were caught and beaten up black and blue before handing over to Sakkardara cops.

Senior PSI Yelkewar booked the two tricksters Rajkumar Sharma and Chandankumar Gupta under Sections 420, 34 of IPC and placed them under arrest.