Published On : Tue, Nov 4th, 2014

Two fire incidents reported in city

Two fire incidents were reported in city on Monday. Two fire tenders of Fire Brigade brought the fires under control before a major tragedy could take place. Property worth thousands was destroyed in the fires. However, there were no reports of loss of life.

According to Fire Brigade, a fire broke out on Monday night in a timber store situated at Sudarshan Square in Lakadganj. The cause of the fire was stated to be sparks of a welding machine that flew from a neighbouring shop. As soon as the fire was noticed in the timber store, owned by Swarnasingh Munde, Fire Brigade was informed which dispatched a tender. The fire, which put the owner at a loss of Rs 15,000, was brought under.

In the second incident, a fire erupted in the house of Yashwant Vaidya, resident of Diwan Layout, Beltarodi, at about 8.30 pm on Monday. The cause of the fire has been reported to be short circuit. A tender from Fire Brigade immediately doused the fire before it could devour the entire house. However, Yashwant Vaidya suffered a loss of Rs 6,000 to his property.

Both, Fire Brigade and police are probing the fire incidents.