Published On : Fri, Sep 18th, 2015

Two electricians die tragically while repairing motor pump of a well in Bori

Representational Pic

Representational Pic

Nagpur: Two electricians died tragically when they were repairing a motor pump installed at well in Bori town on Thursday.

The two deceased, identified as Mangalprasad Bholaram Satname (50) and Chhotelal Shriram Patel (26), both residents of Rukhmini Town, Bori were working at the well of Prakash Marotrao Itankar (49), resident of the same area. Both Mangalprasad and Chhotelal were repairing motor pump installed at the well. While descending in the well, first Mangalprasad lost balance and fell in the well. Finding him in troubled waters, Chhotelal too tried to go down the well for saving Mangalprasad. But unfortunately, Chhotelal too lost balance and went down. The fall resulted in injuries to Mangalprasad and Chhotelal and both died of drowning in the well water.

Based on the information of Prakash Itankar, Bori police registered a case of accidental death and investigating the matter further.