Published On : Mon, Sep 15th, 2014

Two-day auto-rickshaw strike is holding city to ransom

: The two-day strike call given by Three-Seater Auto-rickshaw Chalak Samyukta Sangharsha Samiti, auto- rickshaws in city remained off the roads on September 15, 2014. The auto-rickshaw plyers are protesting injustice done by Regional Transport Office.

Various Auto Unions such as Nagpur Zilla Auto Chalak Malak Mahasangh, Republican Panthers Auto-rickshaw Sanghatan, Sakriya Auto Chalak Malak Kalayankari Samiti, Panthers Taxi Auto-rickshaw Sanghtana, Anyay Niwaran Hakka Auto Sanghatana, Nagvidarbha Auto- rickshaw Sanghatana, Panthers Auto-rickshaw Front and auto-rickshawallahs from different standard have extended support to the strike.
According to the Samiti, their demands include that RTO should not challan or penalize the autos with meters carrying three passengers from different places. They also demanded that no action should be taken till the calibration of metres is done etc. However, the strike increased the load on public transport system especially the Star Bus.

Nagpur Today spoke to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) DCP Bharat Tangde who said that the demands are totally baseless and illogical. The demands are similar to a criminal asking the law-enforcers to permit them to continue their criminal acts. We had given them sufficient time to get their meters calibrated and to ply their passengers only by meter. However, their greed for earning money has made them go on this strike. These auto-rickshaw drivers do not want to bring any semblance and discipline in their working style. They chose not to wear uniforms, not to display their meters, their badges etc. To add to this they want to continue doing what they have been doing all these years and don’t want to get penalized for their wrong doing too.

When Nagpur Today spoke to the Deputy Regional Transport Officer (Nagpur City) Vijay Chavhan, about the auto-strike, he said that some-where they atrocity should come to an end. They should abide by the rules and the law of the land. They are not above the law. The enforcement of the rule of running the autos by meter only has put a stop to these auto drivers fleecing the innocent passengers which they do not like at all.
Vijay Chavhan said that on Sunday, when a relative of his arrived by train and boarded the auto, he asked the auto driver to go by meter. Incidentally, the auto driver is alleged to have said that why travel by meter when it is going to be costly. These rickshaw drivers deter the passengers from travelling by meter.

Auto Rickshaw Strike

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