Published On : Fri, Sep 4th, 2015

Twitter to be the best platform to break news: Survey

According to a survey done in U.S, twitter is the most favored social platform amongst all the social networking sites.  Among the 5,000 social media users who took participation in the survey in the U.S., 86% said that they used Twitter for news updates and out of these 86%, 74% did it on daily basis. Out of these, 74% said that they did so daily. The survey was conveyed by the American Press Institute and Twitter, in alliance with research firm DB5.

35% of the surveyed people were journalists, commentators, and writers. While almost 75% followed institutional accounts. Twitter is a good promotional ground for writers and journalists as users are more likely to discover their work and follow them beyond twitter. The survey also claimed that 94% of users got their daily dose of news just by scrolling through their timeline, or by browsing the tweets of the people they follow.