Published On : Sun, Apr 21st, 2019

Twist in Tale : Printer tenders apology for poster against BJP neta Chhotu Bhoyar


Poster released previously


Poster released recently


Nagpur: A whatsapp media poster which baffled many in the BJP circles while giving fodder for fuel to the opposition parties, has now been extended to another poster which seems to have been released as a deliberate attempt to counter the previous one.

It so happened that a printer named Mahendra Kathane had shared a poster complaining about the uncleared dues owed by BJP leader Ravindra alias Chhotu Bhoyar to Kathane. The payment was apparently due against getting the posters and banners printed at Saru Printers owned by Kathane.

The previous poster also bad-mouthed about the BJP leader’s tendency to avoid calls for the payment.

Now, in a twist of turn yet another poster has been freshly put out by Kathane, who has now comes up with clarification that he is not having any pending dues and that he has nothing to do with previously released poster. The text in the latest poster reads that the poster was made viral by some opposition elements.

However when Nagpur Today contacted Kathane, he added more fuel to the fire saying that it was not him but Bhoyar’s men who forwarded the previous poster on whatsapp. He however admitted that first poster was also released by him as he had been repeatedly following up Bhoyar for his outstanding payment but to no avail.

“Eventually, I got the poster prepared and shared only with Bhoyar’s PA Nilesh and one Ankush, who even told me that they cared least, do what you want. It was them who made the poster viral,” Kathane told NT.

When asked about his changed tone in the the latest poster, Kathane said that they have cleared the payment and later asked me to give this statement, for which I had no problem as my dues were cleared.

When Nagpur Today contacted Chhotu Bhoyar, he could not comment much. However he said to refer to the latest poster. Bhoyar also got this reporter talk to one Baba Kelwade, apparently his aide, who tried to pacify the issue.
Later, Baba Kelwade shared the new poster with NT on whatsapp.