Tuition Trap : Akash, Prince Eduhub, ALLEN claims same topper and here’s the catch!

Nagpur: Now that the results of class 10th and 12th, both CBSE and State boards along with JEE, NEET and similar other competitive exams are out, the claim game among the so called ‘branded’ coaching classes operating in Nagpur, has taken the centre stage.

Many coaching classes have carried full-page advertisements displaying their toppers, whom they claim to have guided through success. Same scenario was put on display following NEET 2019 results.

However, this time something was amiss with the advertisements as three of the prominent tuition classes found sharing the topper’s claim. This has resulted into embarrassing situation for each one of them while the students and parents coming across such misleading ads are baffled and confused over which one to go for.

The advertisement business has unraveled the tuition traps, as Akash, Prince Eduhub and ALLEN tuition classes claimed to have tutored the NEET topper of Jaipur city, Nalin Khandelwal. The full page advertisements published by the three institutions clearly states that Nalin has been taking their courses.

Though the claims of the institutions may appear uncalled for, the high claims of the coaching institutions are not entirely baseless, as when Nagpur Today investigated into the matter some shocking facts came to fore.

It turned out that if only a single subject was taught to any student making it to the top, the coaching institutes jump to stake claim over the success, irrespective of the fact how the concerned student has fared in that subject. This often turns tricky and becomes easier for multiple institutes to safely claim success of similar students.

Owing to crazy chase for success on the part of both students and parents along with prominent tuition classes, the private institutes allow the students with flexible timings of attending their classroom courses, enabling them to simultaneously undertake coaching from other institutions.

The unhealthy persuasion of ambitions has reached to its peak, as both parents and classes are not taking into account the mental stress being caused to the students, who in the end has to either make it to the IITs and AIIMS or end up in sheer depression.

– Shubham Nagdeve