Published On : Thu, Feb 25th, 2016

Tug-of-war is on to grab post of Nagpur Rural Congress President

Loyal Congressmen demand a non-Kunbi candidate and keep Kedar-Mulak camps at bay.

Mukul Wasnik, Rajendra Mulak, Sunil KedarNagpur: A tug-of-war of sorts is being witnessed between two groups of Congress leaders in rural segment. The race is on to grab the post of President of Nagpur Rural Congress President for themselves or for their confidants. Notably, both the ‘fighting’ groups belong to same community. Even the present President holds allegiance to this very community. Congress party as a matter of fact is feeling uneasy for the influence of this community is increasing in day-to-day affairs leaving the ‘hard-working’ North Indian leaders confused and disappointed as well. If the ‘infighting’ gets dragged on, disastrous effects could well be witnessed in the coming Zilla Parishad and NMC elections.

Though party stalwart Ashok Chavan was appointed MPCC President long back he has miserably failed to shape up the new Executive till to date. Moreover, the City Congress President Vikas Thakre’s reported allegiance to the group of MPCC President has left the old guards sulking and fuming as well.

Now moves are afoot to replace the present President with the party MLA Sunil Kedar and former MLC Rajendra Mulak playing the right moves to put their candidates at the helm or even grab the post for themselves. However, in the present political situation, the role of another party stalwart and former MP from Ramtek Mukul Wasnik would be crucial for the man aspiring to be next Congress Rural President. In fact the ball is in Wasnik’s court. Only Wasnik-blessed aspirant would win the race and become the next rural chief, is a certainty.

In the political circles it is a open secret that Wasnik had never been ‘interested’ in Ramtek Lok Sabha arena even when he was MP from that segment. The leader showed least inclination in the local politics. His ‘ no interest’ moves made him a ‘non-entity’ as far as local leaders are concerned. On the other hand, at present, Sunil Kedar is the only Congress MLA in Nagpur District. But he is often seen hobnobbing with ‘rival camps’ than spending time on Congress platforms. He is more interested in Shriram Sena affairs than Congress moves. He is a known ‘selfish’ leader with no notable work either for his constituency or people. Kedar won the last Assembly election only because of the BJP and its top leader made utterly wrong political moves and thus ‘facilitated’ his victory. For this ‘facilitation’ Kedar would remain ‘indebted’ to the BJP for a long time to come. He will be with the ‘BJP camp’ until his taint in bank scam is ‘cleaned up.’ On the other hand, BJP is also using Kedar’s ‘weakness’ for its advantage to the hilt from time to time. In this tricky situation, making Kedar or his confidant the President of Nagpur Rural Congress would not be the right move or say would prove disastrous for the party. The victory margins of Kedar from Saoner are showing a steady decline in every election. Because of this reason, Kedar has shifted his focus to Ramtek arena and has even become fully active with the eyes on the next election.

No surprise the hardworking and loyal Congressmen urging the high command to appoint a loyal, non-Kunbi leader as Nagpur Rural President. The stance of the urging Congressmen also hinges on the fact that Kedar and Mulak are not at all original party men.