Published On : Mon, Nov 11th, 2019

Trucks turn death monsters for citizens, traffic dept keeps mum

Nagpur: As if the potholes and traffic snarls were not enough, the already cluttered city roads are now gradually turning into unwanted circus of trucks which are plying freely even during the daytime when it is restricted.

While roads riddled with potholes have already left citizens frustrated, the erratic driving of the truck drivers pose emergent dangers to them. While citizens are stressed over the road chaos, the city traffic department has conveniently chosen to turn blind eye towards the problem.

The heavily loaded trucks that breach the city boundaries, mostly through Pardi and Hudkeshwar, are not only causing traffic block but their reckless driving often leads to mishap on the stretches leading to Wardha road.

According to sources, to ease the strict restriction, drivers of these heavy vehicles are given special permits by district administration as well as the traffic police department for the loading and unloading process which happen only couple of time in month. Despite which vigilant traffic cops seems to turn their blind eye towards the situation for obvious reasons.

Cops turn blind eye
Last month, a middle aged woman was crushed to death while her daughter received severe injuries after recklessly driven truck carrying goods dashed their moped from behind in the morning hours under Hudkeshwar police. Before this incident, two sisters met with a tragic end, in Pardi area after a truck carrying sand crushed them under its rear wheels that too in morning hours. Though the list of mishaps and deaths goes is long, the traffic cops have failed miserably to curb the inconvenience.

Lunch time excuse!
While most of major mishaps occurred in the morning time, DCP Traffic Chinmay Pandit told Nagpur Today that truck commuting through city often breach the check-points during the lunch hours.

“We have taken mishaps of trucks in account and have started preparing for a special drive against it. The culprits will face stern action. As far as trucks carrying goods are concern, they often breach the check-point during the lunch time of police officials,” said the DCP Traffic.

– Shubham Nagdeve