Published On : Mon, Oct 15th, 2012

Truck driver charred upon electrocution

The truck on top of which Sanjeev was electrocuted.

Nagpur News: Sanjeev Bawal, a truck owner cum driver while trying to put a tarpaulin sheet on top of his truck died due to electrocution. The incident took place around noon in Waddhamna area near Wadi. Sanjeev was a resident of Shastri Colony, Chandrapur. He came to Nagpur with the truck no. MH 31, 2050  for transport purposes. While trying to cover the truck with tarpaulin  he accidentally touched a live electric wire and was electrocuted. He was stuck to the wire till a Fire Brigade came and separated him. The intensity of the shock was so high that the top of the truck got ripped as electricity passed through Sanjeev. His body was completely charred.