Published On : Fri, Jul 14th, 2017

Tree at Cotton market has not fallen but been chopped down; claim eye witnesses

Ashfaq Khan, a small shop owner, used to set his shop under a tree in the cotton market area for many years now. The tree had not only provided him a shelter for his shop, but had also saved him from heat in summers and rains in monsoon. The tree, however, does not stand there anymore.

If the allegations made by the eye witnesses are to be believed, the tree which is being believed to have fallen has actually been chopped down by two unidentified men.

When Nagpur Today contacted the shop owners of the area, one of the witnesses, Ratan Aherwar, informed that he had seen two unidentified men cutting the tree at around 3 a.m. on last Thursday. “The men left after they had almost chopped the tree. I was not feeling well that day and thus, did not attempt to stop them”, he added. Commenting on the same, Asfaq Khan said that had he known that the tree was going to be chopped down, he would not have let the same happen.

Ratan Aherwar, Ashfaaq Khan and Devrao Krupal

Ratan Aherwar, Ashfaaq Khan and Devrao Krupal

The shopkeepers of the area regret the cutting of the tree as the same had been providing them with shadow in the scorching heat.

When contacted to comment on the matter, Municipal Corporation’s Garden Superintendent, Sudheer Mate told that the tree has fallen and not cut down. On discussing the eye witnesses of the case, he told that he has not received any information in this regard. The matter was then forwarded by him to Gardening Inspector, Amol Chaurpagar. “We received information about fallen tree by the officials of Fire control department. We have not received any information about the tree being cut down. However, we are investigating the matter” he said.