Published On : Sat, Jul 25th, 2015

Traffic police ‘ho to aisi dabang’!

Traffic police 'ho to aisi dabang'
Nagpur News:
Someone has rightly said that ‘in a variety or people all around, strictly disciplined people are rarely found’. This adage candidly applies to Town Inspector (TI) Seema Bhandari, posted at Bhopal Traffic Police department of Madhya Pradesh Police which is usually underestimated for its performance. Such woman police inspectors, as many as five in number, have been posted at 12 beats in capital city of MP, Bhopal, and all of them are performing their traffic duties so sternly and sincerely that they remind us of legendary woman IPS officer Kiran Devi’s days. Their strategy is so different from their colleagues that they do not bother to attend the phone-calls of their seniors and even VIPs during execution of their duties, and their strictness is seen from their imposing heavy fines on silly mistakes on the part of rule-breakers.
The Nagpur Today has gathered that TI Seema Bhandarari of Jehangirabad traffic beat is such a dare devil ‘dabang‘ police officer that she stands midst of the road and stops all vehicles passing by her, and in case of any default, be it even minor, on the part of vehicle driver/ operator she imposes heavy fine, and vehicles are seized. As a result, the traffic police station has become a store-yard of seized vehicles, and the exchequer is swelling up.
Her style of functioning is such that whenever she finds some vehicle in default she challans it under some or other rules and its driver is booked, and fine in thousands of rupees is imposed. While making ‘challan’ she even does not attend the CUG (Closed User Group) calls, be it from any top-rank officer. In a recently reported incident, she happened to check a Magic vehicles driver, who she found as a minor in age and not in possession of any licence; so she imposed a fine of Rs 6,000 straightaway, and vehicle was seized.
As reported to Nagpur Today, she was instructed in a meeting with DIG police that the juvenile and drunken drivers should be dealt with toughly. She never spares any one in respect of commercial vehicles. Shew is so bold that she even does not attend the phone call from MP Chief Minister.
Such traffic police officers are need of the hour particularly when modern youths and students ride/ drive with terrifying speed on public roads, violating the traffic rules.
All praises for such police officers and their supportive administration!!