Published On : Thu, Jul 24th, 2014

Traffic cops take pro-active steps to clear road from vendors

DSC_0941Nagpur News: Till July 24, 2014, if one used the road from VNIT Gate (Bajaj Nagar Side) to LAD Callege square, the stree vendors selling Maize Corn, Sugar Cane Juice, Bhel Poori etc had caused traffic jam. The customers who came to eat the Maize corn in cars used to park their vehicle is such a way that it used to narrow the other-wise narrow road where two vehicles cannot comfortably travel together. These customers used to park and take their vehicles out causing discomfort for other road users.

DSC_0920There has been action which was initiated earlier too. However, these vendors used to pay the fine of Rs 250-500 and return to the same place once again. This had been going on for many months. However, the policemen from the Traffic Police Department decided to put an end to the menace created by these vendors by a pro-active action. Under the leadership of PI Hiwre, In-Charge of West Nagpur Traffic Department, the Traffic Cops caught 22 vendors who were selling Maize Corn and other eatables on the road.

The cops made a big queue of all the stalls and paraded them all the way to the Traffic Department of Gittikhadan Police Station. On the way, the vendors were taken to Ambazhari Police Station and an action under section 102/17 of Bombay Police Act was initiated against them. All the stalls were seized and taken to Gittikhadan Police Station.

The customers which included a lot of youngsters were suddenly caught off guard and watched their favourite stalls being paraded off. It was a sight indeed. Finally, the road is free for smooth traffic movement.