Published On : Tue, Nov 25th, 2014

Traffic cops book 25 drunk drivers

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Nagpur: Beware the next you booze and zoom away on your bike or car, you could be the next on the radar of traffic cops!! Yes the traffic police have tightened noose on drunken driving which has of late become the major cause of road accidents, particularly during night hours.

The traffic cops under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police, in-charge of Traffic DCP Bharat Tangde who is known for his efficient traffic management has taken certain steps to ensure smooth movement of vehicular traffic across cotu roads.

However, some youngsters and some citizens chose to ignore traffic rules and violate traffic rules. These citizens have to be brought to book so that a deterrent effect is there among the others.

In a similar action, the Traffic Department of Nagpur Police apprehended 25 drunk drivers on November 24, 2014. They had also taken action against 753 drivers of two and four wheeler vehicles) under various traffic violations. A total of Rs 94,500/- was also recovered as fines and penalties from the violators of traffic rules. The drive to apprehend traffic rule’s violators will continue on the days to come.


The following are the Guidelines for Drivers to prevent action

When driving, always carry your driving license and important valid documents such as your vehicle registration certificate, insurance certificate, road tax & P.U.C certificate.

• Don’t Drink and Drive.

• Obey all Traffic Signals, Boards, Signs and Cautionaries.

• Use the indicator or hand signals when changing lanes.

• Adhere to permitted speed limits.

• Don’t use your cell phone while driving. If urgent, move to the extreme left, halt and then make the call.

• Irrespective of right of way, stay alert and be considerate to pedestrians’ especially senior citizens, handicapped and children.

• Avoid parking on the road. Use pay-and-park bay.

• Do not ride or wheel your vehicle on to the footpath.

• Do not overload your vehicles – be it luggage or passengers.

• Wear seat belts.

• Always drive in correct gear.

• When passing a stationery vehicle, allow sufficient clearance for the car doors which may open suddenly.

• Avoid sudden breaking and harsh acceleration.

• Slow down at zebra crossing and if need stop the vehicle.

• Never use the clutch as a footrest while driving.