Published On : Mon, Oct 11th, 2021

Traffic chaos bogs down vehicular movement in Sadar

Nagpur: Traffic chaos continues to bog down vehicular movement in the busy Sadar area in the city. The scenario at main road in Sadar from Haldiram Square to Ashoka Hotel and from Liberty Square to Raskunj is nightmarish. Already congested by construction of Flyover, the main road is a traffic mess as hundreds of vehicles are parked in front of shops making it difficult even for pedestrians to wade through the road.

According to sources, on this main road in Sadar, around 10,000 two-wheelers and over 5000 four-wheelers pass through daily. Such a huge vehicular traffic on this 500-metre road creates a lot of problems and puts pressure on smooth traffic. The main reason for this traffic chaos is haphazard parking of all types of vehicles in front of hotels and shops. The road gets narrowed down and thus hits traffic hard.

In view of the traffic mess at this Sadar road, Traffic Control Branch of Nagpur City must step-in to resolve the problem created by bizarre design of Sadar Flyover.Traffic snarls continued to occur all the time.