Published On : Sat, Nov 3rd, 2018

Traffic chaos at Baidyanath Square as signal goes dead!

Nagpur: With a number traffic signals going ‘dead’ at major junctions, heavy congestions have become the order of the day, especially during the peak hours.

In the instant case, traffic chaos is witnessed at the busy Baidyanath Square as the traffic signal has gone non-functional since the past many days. Vehicle owners criss-crossing this junction find themselves in a spot as jams bring traffic to standstill. The unruly auto-rickshaws add more problems to the chaos. The ongoing construction of one side of the road from Baidyanath Square to Mokshadham Square pushes the citizens on the edge.

The state of the chaotic situation persists all day as no traffic cop is to be seen any time. The square becomes a nightmare as ST buses from nearby Ganeshpeth Stand pass through it frequently. Adding to the woes are parked travel buses, adjacent theatre, lack of traffic sense and many more dreadful features. As the Government Medical College and Hospital is situated very close to the spot, an ambulance in a hurry gets stuck at the traffic snarl leaving the emergency patient at the mercy of God.

It is the responsibility of the NMC to maintain the signals. If they have any technical glitches, the civic body has to alert the authorities concerned for their restoration. The Police Department has to enforce and streamline the traffic only. But both the authorities have failed in their duty. Baidyanath Square is the shining example!