Published On : Tue, Apr 7th, 2015

Total Non Veg ban in Maharashtra – April fool joke?

Nagpur: The ‘news’ that state government of Maharashtra could be including goats and chicken too in the list of animals that cannot be slaughtered – as per the Advocate General Sunil Manohar told the Bombay high court on Monday – is being met with derision, disbelief and even scorn by Nagpur foodies and other individuals.

“This is just the beginning. We may consider banning slaughter of other animals too. As of now the state felt it was necessary to protect cows, bulls and bullocks,” said Manohar.

Says Kumudini Y. an 81 year old lady, born and brought up in Mumbai but settled in Nagpur now If they really implement this, the government is gone! Not just Fadnavis, but Modi too. If the total ban is implemented, they will at a stroke make lakhs of people job less. Breeders of goats and chicken; poultry farms; butcher shops and so many restaurants. If chicken slaughter is banned, we will not get eggs too – who will keep chicken then? Thus good source of Protein to people will be lost. Even countries that follow Budhism, which prescribes total non violence like Japan, does not ban non veg food. This move is totally unacceptable.

Foodies Prashen Kavyal and Rashmi Gajjar say – may be it is time to relocate outside Maharashtra! Prashen says “I have always dreamt of moving to Goa or Dubai”. ( But hey guys – don’t forget Goa is now BJP ruled too. What if they impose this ban over there next?)

Ajinkya Joshi asks – Isn’t it too late for April fools? Buck up mahagov...
Swati Sani comments – Time to demand statehood for Vidarbha. What better reason can there be?

When reminded that our CM is from Vidarbha, Nagpur too, Bhuvan Shom asks – Is our CM Devendra Fadnavis Is An ALIEN …trying to HIJACK our FOOD …..

Mahesh Narwani has this to say – i m a pure vegetarian but i am totally against that . this decision is not good for those whose livelihood depends on meat and meat products . This decision will make most of families in maharashtra jobless.

Meghnad sees a larger conspiracy – Of course. Impose your will on everything. Next they will make it compulsory for school children to attend RSS shakhas.
Hint: Wait for the new education policy in December. You’re in for a shock.

Once cannot even imagine what hoteliers and dhaba owners will say about this! They will definitely say “time to pack our bags and leave this place and this state”. As it is many international upscale chain restaurants like ‘Smoke House Deli’ have warned that without beef half their menu has gone and they may have to close down.

One reader says – I don’t consume beef. For personal reasons. But I also understand that I have no right to tell anyone else not to consume beef. It’s a personal choice and the government needs to understand it.
Our Prime Minister came to power with the naara of ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’. I don’t see how they are applying that thought. This looks like micro governance to me.

To people who advocate eating vegetarian food only, one foodie Meghanand says – Do this experiment folks. Open your mouth and feel the two sharp teeth in the front of your mouth. Those are your canines. They are there specifically for the purpose of cutting through meat.
Ancient Humans used to be hunters before they discovered agriculture. We are omnivorous animals that have evolved this way. It has nothing to do with religion or caste or anything. It’s about being human.

There are some who are actually happy at the news and take it seriously. One fellow opines –

Raising one Kg of beef takes 25 kl of water while one kg of vegetables takes 7 litres only. He goes on to say – Wish you see the process of meat making too. Hundreds of commercially available cattles are cut after they’re fed plenty of “Ghas-Phus” or Fodder, where does the fodder come from? After that, Meat has to be washed with Chemicals & water…. See the areas like Sindh & Baloch in Pak, they’re crying for water even after having gifted with River Indus & its tributaries!

On a serious note, concerned people say ‘please proceed with caution! Banning non veg will put such a great pressure on dals and cereals their rates will go up sky high and there will still be acute shortage. Children will become protein deficient. Medical bills will go up.

The accompanying visual of a tiger trying to ‘feast’ on South Indian veg. food says it all about how ridiculous the whole proposition is.

One would like to ask in a post script – despite all your protectionist measures, Tigers are still getting killed in our National parks like Tadoba. One was killed just yesterday.

When you can’t protect one tiger how are you going to protect lakhs of chicken and thousands of goats???

…. Sunita Mudliyar