Tormenting summer sets in Nagpur, Vidarbha

Nagpur: The city of Nagpur and other parts of Vidarbha have started sensing pricking pinch of tormenting summer this year as predicted by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

Residents have put themselves in gear to face the summer by all available means. Coolers with khas pads are in place at windows and at other airy places. The green cover is visible at many of the houses to avert sun rays striking the dwellers directly. Markets are decked up with summer protective stuff such as caps, gamchhas (scarves), water drums and many other goods one feels safe while dealing with scorching heat. The fruits that cool one and all such as watermelons, kharbuj could be seen in heaps at roadside vendors.

The Regional Met Department has already recorded hottest February of the decade in Yavatmal and Buldhana districts of Vidarbha. Officials warn of tough times ahead for farmers and people living in drought-prone areas.The average temperatures from March to May are likely to be above normal by more than 1 degree Celsius in almost all Vidarbha. While the maximum and minimum temperatures of February did not break any records in Nagpur, Yavatmal and Buldhana recorded highest maximum temperatures of the month in the last ten years on February 28.

The authorities have taken various measures to cool down wild inmates at Maharajbagh Zoo and other spots where wildlife settles down for a cool atmosphere.