Published On : Thu, Jul 2nd, 2020

Top doctors bust myths on current Pandemic

Medicines can cure diseases but only a doctor can cure a patient.-Carl Jung

As the world celebrates Doctor’s Day on 1st July. Delhi Public School Varanasi ,Nashik, Lava Nagpur) had organized a webinar marking the 11th episode of Breaking Barriers with Dr. SatishDeopujari, Dr. Jaya Chakravorty and Dr. AshuthoshThole as the panelists who shared their views and busted a few myths on the current pandemic that the world is facing.

Dr. Jaya Chakravorty, Professor and Head, Department of Medicine, I M S, B H U enlightened us about the transmission and incubation of the virus, the symptomsso that one can be alert to the red flagsand quarantine oneself during the stipulated time.

Dr. SatishDeopujari, a renowned Pediatrician and Professor Emeritus Indira Gandhi Medical College Nagpur, shared his views as to how one can take measures to protect oneself and the loved ones from being infected; he also advised everyone to build up a strong immunity system which can fight the virus. He suggested on compulsory usage of mask and also emphasized the importance of maintaining hand and mask hygiene according to WHO norms. He advised not to believe in rumors that we come across on social media.

Dr. AshutoshThole, Director of Janki Maternity Home Nashik, a renowned Obstetrician and Gynecologist, spoke about the importance of a balanced diet, body hydration at regular intervals and duration of sleeping time. He also shared the consequences of not using a mask properly.

It wouldn’t be wrong at all to say that this webinar was extremely informative considering the present situation and fright that has been dwelling among people because of the misinformation they have regarding COVID-19. It also brought home the important role that doctors have been continuously playing in this pandemic for which we all are thankful and will .