Published On : Sat, Oct 22nd, 2016

Top 8 Simple and Guaranteed Online Jobs for Students



Nagpur: Today online jobs are the best way to make some extra income. You could do it anytime from anywhere. Only thing you need to have is a computer and an internet connection.

Things like years of experience and knowledge is not required when we are talking of online jobs. However, you have to have a passion for making money online.


Hence, I have jot down a list of top 8 simple and guaranteed online jobs for students in India. They are genuine and present online for a long time. Moreover, they hold a great future when it comes to online jobs.

So here are some of them

1. Start With Blogging
The first and simple way to start your online job is blogging. Blogging is very popular now and you do not require anything special.
You just have to write about things that you like most. You can write about your hobby, your passion or things you like. For example, you like to travel, you love cooking or music.
You could write almost about anything. You will get advertisers and you start making money as soon as possible.

2. Data Entry Work
Second online job is Data entry work. I thing you know about data entry work. They are very simple and you have to type in some data in excel spreadsheet or word documents.
You might have to convert an image file into a word document. You have to read from image file and write it down on a word document.
Similarly you might also be asked to enter data like names, address, phone number of customers in excel spreadsheet. Your typing speed must be around 30 to 40 words per minute.

3. Freelance Content Writer
Next best online job for student is freelance writing. Yes website owners and bloggers need content and you can help them if know how to write.
If you visit websites like eLance then there is a demand for ghost writers. You can offer your services there and you will be paid for a given project.
You have to write according to them and you will be paid through your pay pal account. It is very easy and a lot of people are making money with it.

4. Designing Websites and Web Applications
If you have programming knowledge and you know to design websites then you could offer your services online.
You could create your website offering various web designing services to people who want to build their website. You need to tell them your fees and other services that you are offering.
Similarly, you could design many other web applications and get paid by a software company. However, you have to have knowledge of programming and it is not for everyone.

5. Taking Up Surveys
Taking up surveys is not new thing as it has been there for a long time now. Here you will be paid for taking up small or big surveys online.
You have to fill forms where you need to answer few simple questions like do you travel? How do you travel? When do you travel? Etc.
You will be paid on the basis of how long your survey is. If survey is long then you are paid more otherwise less. So if you finish more surveys then you get paid according to that.
A survey could take 5 to 20 minutes to complete. You can check MoneyConnexion post for survey and many other online jobs.

6. Online Tuition
This is also a great way to make money online. If you have knowledge about anything then you could start sharing it online.
You could start giving coaching online to various students using Skype. On Skype you could teach something that you know. Like how to design clothes or how to do make up, or physics, maths etc.
You can teach anything that you know best. In return, you can ask money or fees for every session that you give. This could also be known as consultancy services.

7. Micro-Jobs According to Your Skill Set
Micro jobs are nothing but various jobs like designing logos, desktop publishing, printing, coding, writing etc.
If you know a website called Fiverr then you will find various kinds of people offering various kinds of services.
Similarly, you could go there and offer a service according to your skill set. If you love designing logos then you could offer your service for $5.
There are thousands of other services that you can offer to people who are looking for it.

8. Virtual Assistant and Transcription Jobs
Finally, you could also become a virtual assistant. You could assist on technical and non technical things to customers. Companies are looking for virtual assistants that could render these services.
Similarly, there is a transcription job where you have to listen and write things down. You must have great listening and typing skill.
So these were 8 online jobs that are guaranteed and very genuine for students like you. If you are planning to start one of the online job then you need to shortlist something you like so that you can focus more.