Published On : Fri, Jan 6th, 2017

To serve the speechless is her mission!

A prudent and sensitive person enthusiastically finds ways and means to serve society in his or her unique style. And an organization “Save Speechless” is on the forefront in this venture. Whether it’s stray dog rescues, animal hospitals, geriatric clinics, trauma centres, wildlife rehabilitation, or adoption of abandoned animals, the organization handles all.

With the dawn of new year, Smita Mire of “Save Speechless” embarked on a mission to serve the stray, ailing, wounded animals in her own way. Smita is in the venture since the past 15 years. Protecting and providing shelter to wandering pups is a mission for her. Dogs brought from different places are nurtured and given protection. And she is doing this with aplomb.

To continue with this selfless service of Smita Mire, her travel business looks after the expenses part.