Published On : Wed, Sep 2nd, 2015

Tippler constable shows city police force in poor light!!

Alcohlic Police Constable (1)
Nagpur: Even as the Nagpur Police taking a severe beating from all quarters for spurt in serious crimes was not enough, a constable showed the police force in very poor light. The constable gobbled up a glass or two of liquor well beyond his “quota” and stumbled and fumbled on the ground near Manas Chowk, Lohapul. The swaying and tottering policeman aroused much curiosity of passersby and also left the top officials red faced.

The tippler police constable has been identified as Mahesh Sagde. On Wednesday, Sagde had come to the area from MIDC Police Station for some sort of work. But at about 9 pm, the boozer constable Mahesh Sagde was found licking the dusts at Manas Square near Lohapul in full uniform. He on umpteen times tried to be sober and stand up rightly but the excess of booze would not allow him to do so. Initially, the passersby thought that the policeman needed help for some exigency. But when they went closer to help him a strong liquor smell told the terrible tale. The passersby immediately withdrew from him and then enjoyed the trembling tantrums of the drunkard police constable Mahesh Sagde. Some people summoned other policemen to render “help” to their esteemed colleague. The policemen who had arrived at the spot were also a confused lot. What the tippler Sagde was uttering was not understood by Sagde himself forget the other policemen. The fact that was only confirmed was that Sagde was attached to MIDC Police Station.

All said and done, the tottering police constable Mahesh Sagde put the entire force to a shame. The only curiosity of citizens will be the action the top officials initiate against the boozer.

Alcohlic Police Constable (2)