Published On : Tue, Jul 22nd, 2014

Timely action prevents major fire mishap

600 300Nagpur News: While humans err, machines are often said to be functioning perfectly till human intervention is not there. However, there are times, machines too, behave erratically. This was observed in what happened on VIP Road in Ramdaspeth at around 4 pm on July 22, 2014.

A Tata Indica Car bearing RTO Registration No MH-31 / EM-6477 was parked in the parking lot near a Private Hospital. The owner Jagdish Rai had come to the Hospital for a medical check-up. Suddenly smoke started coming out of the bonnet of the car.

1Some on-looker had immediately made a call to the fire department. However, before the fire department could arrive at the scene, some on-lookers had poured buckets of water and had succeeded in dousing the fire. Fortunately no loss of life was reported in the fire.3

Recently in a similar accident, two people lost their life in a running car in Delhi. In another incident, a car had suddenly caught fire and the driver was caught inside the vehicle since the automatic central lock got locked and he could not come out. This resulted in him getting trapped in the car itself resulting in the death of the driver in UP. These news items are often are circulated in private news channels.