Published On : Fri, Jul 29th, 2016

Tiger is lifeline for human beings, hence must be protected at all cost: CM

“The role of tigers in maintaining a sustained life cycle on Planet Earth is vital. Until tigers are in jungle, life will go on. Tiger is lifeline for human beings. Hence protection of this majestic species is must,” the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis stressed while gracing the World Tiger’s Day celebration organized by State Government here on Friday.

Fadnavis further said that the State is continuously facing severe drought. This is not natural calamity but man-made problem. And the solution to this problem will have to be found by man himself. “We will have to first stop exploitation of Nature. Dealing with the Nature is like transactions in a bank. The more we deposit the more we will get. Tigers are must for chain of foods for human beings. We will have to ponder of this vital aspect seriously. The Forest Department can change the destiny of the State by more and more forestation. At the same time, State Government is committed to protection of environment at all cost, and, it is doing that concertedly. The tigers and other wildlife species not only protect the jungles but are helping the nearby villagers in their livelihood. The state is earning around Rs 10,000 crore from forest resources and are creating employment opportunities in a big way,” Fadnavis said.

Gadkari, in his speech said, “Life of human beings depends on ‘Jal, Jungle, Jameen, Jaanvar.’ Vidarbha is the only place in the world where around 350 tigers exist in the range of 300 kilometer area. The role of tigers in maintaining the environment balance is very crucial. The people of the State extending their contribution in saving the tigers. We will certainly succeed in achieving our goal. The mantra of successful life is ‘One Tree, One Cow, One Family.’ My ministry has vowed to plant trees along two lakh kilometers of National Highways. The bamboo trees get rid of carbondioxide in greater proportions compared to other trees. Hence bamboo trees will be planted between the stretch of Butibori-Wardha Road in massive numbers,” the Union Minister announced.

State Forest Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar said that every person should come forward for protecting tigers in his or her own way. The State Government has decided to plant 50 crore trees in coming years. Citizens can fulfill their responsibilities by planting as many trees they can. Vidarbha is region of tigers and will remain so. The State Government is making efforts to create Green Army for protection of environment, Mungantiwar said.