Published On : Mon, Oct 26th, 2015

Tiecon 2015 ends with celebrating local Start- ups


Nagpur Today:

Tiecon 2015 which began on Saturday on the high note of talks of internationally acclaimed Management Gurus such as Proff Singh of IIM, Banglore and Dr. Himanshu Rai of IIM, Lucknow, now on lien from there since he is Dean, MISB, Bocconi, Italy’s Mumbai campus concluded on Sunday with some really innovative local start ups being talked about and felicitated.

Many of them are already up and running; some are at the planning and execution stage but all were unique ideas that will help life of Nagpurians get better and easier.
Want to compare the total range of white good products like TV, washing machines, ACs that cut through technical jargon and explain features in layman’s terms with also giving recommendations turn to founded by Ruthwik Chandorkar, Sonali Chandorkar, Neha and Sindharth Chandak.
Need to let your local politician know your grievances ? Need to have a public platform to post pictures of problems like streets with pot holes, no street lights etc. turn to Janta Choupal. This is not just a meeting point between your Corporator and you, it also evaluates the best and the worst among them and lets them know their ratings! It also covers work done by MLAs and MPs but concentrates on the lowest rung of junior politicians who aspire to move up the leadership ladder and hence need to prove themselves to the voting public.
This innovative idea was founded by Prabhakar Singh and his team in Indore last year. It was been so successful there that they are planning to now cover Nagpur and other cities of Maharashtra.
For big products you have the big 4 like Amazon and Flipkart. But hey! Are you in the market for small products ranged between Rs. 50/ to Rs. 500/? only? Peopleskart is the place for you! Begun by a graduate of Ramdeo Baba College of Engg Nagpur, Rajendra Jindal just an year ago, it has been making profits from the very first day, as Rajendra boasts proudly! (While the big 4 are still cutting losses in crores!)
Are you wondering what you can purchase in the range of 50/ to 500/-?
You will be surprised at the big range that is available at that range. From cell phone and lap top accessories, to apparel, jewellery, other fashion accessories, footwear and even food items, like rice – it’s all there at the click of the button. In just 4 months, Rajendra sold 2and half tons of rice to numerous customers. A choice of Basmati, at the average rate of Rs. 89/ per Kg. He tells you very confidently that stuff you would get at Rs. 120/ minimum on Flipkart you will get at Rs. 69/ on his portal.
The icing on the cake is that even a Rs. 50 product is delivered to you FREE. Who can beat that? Jindal has a customer base of 60,000 already, he only rues that just 207 are from Nagpur.
Are you looking for Health care at home? You are old and have no one to take you to the hospital; you live in a remote area where hospitals are not easily accessible, your work timings do not allow you to go in for much needed Physiotherapy sessions for your aching back? Call Torana Health, founded by Dinesh, they will tell you the best options for Home Care and even arrange it for you! With 11 crore old and retired people living in India now, this is going to be a very real need. Torano is still at a nascent stage and looking for funding.
Then there was Tech Walnut Automation and software solutions who will understand your needs and match products for you. Whether it is computers you require or more complicated gadgets and machines at your place of business their team will evaluate your needs, study your present systems, make recommendations and even set up the new system for you.
Advertize, is a unique concept that enables you to do target specific advertising. It actually pays your potential customer and rewards him/ her for the time and attention he has spent reading about your product.
The final start up felicitated was among students’ who had competed at the students’ fest at VNIT last year and won an award for the most innovative idea. It is a product/ service meant exclusively for students desiring to get scholarships. As the Founder explained, there are thousands of scholarships available in the country but few get taken since students are not aware of them. The sponsors of the scholarships have to employ people, pay for advertising to make their offers known, and yet they do not sometime get applicants.
With Schoolfin any student can get matching scholarship at three clicks on his computer. The sponsors can also spend more money on the actual scholarships and less on publicizing them.
All ideas were unique that will make the city proud.
At the other end of the spectrum were ‘Educational Entrepreneurs like Aruna Upahdyay who actually deserves to be called the Czarina of the educational scene in Central India. With a string of Mother’s pets and Centre Point schools spread all over the city in a matter of just 2 decades, she is the epitome of a success story.
Pursuit of Excellence has lead me to where I am, and the desire to give the best education to youngsters of Nagpur. Her mantra to success? Hire the best trains and then step back and let them handle day to day management and running of the schools. Just be there if there is a problem that needs to be looked into.
As Mr. Yete of Tie explained at the outset, the Tie chapter of Nagpur is one of the most vibrant chapters world wide because it provides the eco system for people who aspire!
We congratulate Mr. R Ramakrishnan, President of TiE, Nagpur, Rahul Dixit, Past President and Chair Tiecon 2015 and Mangesh Joshi, another Past President and Chair Tiecon 2015 for an excellent and very useful conference on entrepreneurship. It was well attended not just by Nagpurians but there was a large contingent from Amraoti and some form MP as well.