Published On : Tue, Nov 11th, 2014

Three of a family, charged with dowry harassment, attempt to immolate self in High Court premises

Three of a family attempt to immolate self in High Court premises

Three alleged accused in a case of dowry harassment, seeing no way of getting justice, attempted to immolate self by pouring Kerosene on themselves and setting alight and entering the High Court premises on November 11, 2014 at around 1:30 pm. All the three accused suffered burn injuries on parts of stomach and below.

According to reliable sources in the police, the three accused members of a family namely Mohammed Khaif Mohammed Arif Rasool, Mohammed Faiz Mohammed Arif Rasool and Mohammed Arif Mohammed Gulam Rusool had allegedly poured kerosene on their self and after setting themselves alight attempted to enter the High Court premises. However, the cops on duty posted at the main gate rushed towards them and put out the fire. They were then rushed to Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital for treatment.

Earlier, the three members and another member were booked by police on charges of tormenting a woman and attempt to kill her for dowry.

According to police, the accused Mohammed Faiz Mohammed Arif (36), presently residing at Flat No. 101, Gautam Nagar, Rajkot, Gujarat had married Kaiser Tabassum Mohammed  Faeez (27), presently residing in New Gandhi Layout, Mankapur Ring Road, Nagpur on 24.08.13.

Three of a family attempt to immolate self in High Court premises
However, just 15 days after the marriage till 8.11.14, Mohammed Faiz Mohammed Arif, his father Mohammed Arif Gulab Rasool (55), mother Rubina Mohammed Arif (55) and brother Mohammed Kaif Mohammed Arif (28), all residents of Faiz Nagar, Yavatmal, started torturing Kaiser Tabassum, mentally and physically, for dowry money frequently.

Frightened by the continuous harassment, Kaiser Tabassum returned to her parents’ home. However, after some days, she went back to husband’s house with a hope that everything will be fine. But her hope was shattered when her husband Mohammed Faiz Mohammed Arif, at about 0030 hours of Saturday (November 8), gagged mouth of Kaiser Mohammed with the help of a pillow when she was fast asleep and also poured a can of kerosene on her with an intention to kill her for not bringing the dowry money. However, Kaiser Tabassum anyhow managed to free herself from the scary situation and immediately lodged a complaint with Gittikhadan Police Station against her accused husband, in laws and brother-in-law.

Accused deny allegations
When the accused Mohammed Khaif Mohammed Arif Rasool, Mohammed Faiz Mohammed Arif Rasool and Mohammed Arif Mohammed Gulam Rusool were questioned by cops, they claimed that they had never demanded dowry money from Kaiser Tabassum. The woman had lodged a false complaint against them. Mohammed Khaif Mohammed Arif Rasool who was working with Abhijit Group as an engineer had married Kaiser Tabassum, a fashion designer. In order to seek better prospects of earning more, he had moved to Yavatmal, then to Rajkot and from there to Surat. However, there was no significant rise in income. However, Kaiser Tabassum had meanwhile, attempted to make money by stitching cloths and making significant amount. She convinced her husband Mohammed Khaif Mohammed Arif Rasool to shift back to Nagpur and to set up a boutique and a readymade cloth store. Having decided to return back to their in-laws house and doing a business, the couple returned back to Nagpur and had even rented a shop. They had got the interiors done and when the painting was going on, the whole in-law’s family had gone to Chokardani Restaurant on Amravati Road on November 2 while Mohammed Khaif Mohammed Arif Rasool chose to supervise the painting work. On returning from the shop, the couple had a quarrel which acquired enormous proportions forcing Mohammed Khaif Mohammed Arif Rasool to pick up his Santro car and leaving for Yavatmal, in spite of his father advising him to start next morning.

However, the wife Kaiser Tabassum chose file a case against the hubby and the in-laws under Sections 498(A), 307, 34 of the IPC. On learning the new development, Mohammed Khaif Mohammed Arif Rasool had approached a known lawyer to fight their case. However, the lawyer allegedly asked them to bring the FIR copy. Every lawyer they approached more or less said the same thing. Knowing fully well that any one of them goes to the police station to get the FIR copy they will be certainly arrested. Having exhausted their attempts present their side of the story they attempted to immolate themselves at the gate of the High Court.

However, the three accused now have been booked for attempting suicide.