Three bullets fired at Mayor Sandip Joshi car in Nagpur

Nagpur: Three bullets were fired at mayor Sandip Joshi’s vehicle by two unidentified persons on a bike around Tuesday midnight, on Wardha Road. Joshi himself called up some top police officials to report the incident, and city as well as rural cops were starting probes into the incident when reports last came in.

Joshi was celebrating his 24th marriage anniversary and some 30-40 friends had proceeded to a dhaba on the Outer Ring Road in a number of vehicles. The group had started returning just before midnight, and Joshi was driving the mayor’s official vehicle, a Toyota Fortuner.

At the junction of the Outer Ring Road and Wardha Road, two persons on a bike came from behind and fired three bullets at Joshi’s vehicle. One bullet hit the driver’s side window, another the passenger window behind him while the third hit the rear of the vehicle, said police sources. One Aditya Thakur was riding with Joshi in the vehicle.