Published On : Tue, Jan 3rd, 2017

Thousands pray for world peace at Kalgidhar Satsang Mandal

Shri Kalgidhar Satsang Mandal on Tuesday organized “Icchapurak Prabhu Simran Prarthna” on the occasion of 350th Birth Anniversary of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji to be celebrated on Thursday (January 5).

Thousands of devotees prayed for world peace and safety from terrorism, and curing of everybody’s ailments. Adv. Madhavdas Mamtani in his discourse quoted ancient Shastras, saying that ailments can be cured by chanting Gurbani Mantras. When the whole of Calcutta was suffering from a dreadful disease, people, including the King himself, who came to seek Guru ji’s blessings, became healthy. On this occasion, Guruji uttered “Aatam Mahi Ram Ram Mahi Aatam” shabad. Similarly, at the Idgah hills in Bhopal city, Guru ji uttered a Shabad in Raag Dhanasari “Jeeu Tapat Hai Baron Bar” for a person suffering from leprosy, he became all right.

Adv Mamtani further said that Shri Guru Nanak Devji in Shri Japuji Sahib had also stated that listening to Ram Naam can remove one’s sorrows and sins “Nanak Bhagta Sada Vigaasu Suniye Dookh Paap Ka Naas”. He said that along with Gurbani, one should continue his medications as well. So, the process of removing ailments by chanting Mantras dates back to Shri Guru Nanak Devji’s time. Modern science has also now acknowledged this theory. Various researches have proved that pronunciation of “Om” cures BP-related problems, brings mental peace. Shri Guru Arjan Devji in Shri Sukhmani Saheb has also stated “Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam” i.e. Hari Naam can cure one’s grievances. Shri Guru Arjan Devji has said that each Gurshabad is a Mantra “Gur Ke Sabad Mantra Man Maan”.

Devotees are participating in the Prarthna in thousands of numbers and offering coconuts as Prasaad, which will be given back to them for distribution in their family after the 7th day of Paath Saahib. On Wednesday, prayers will be made for all comforts and happiness in the family.

Adv. Mamtani has appealed to people to participate in large numbers and pray to the Almighty for their desired benefits. Other prominent persons including MLA Dr. Milind Mane, Pramilatai Mendhe, Dilip Gour and others participated in the Prarthna Path and obtained the blessings of Guru Maharaj.