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    Published On : Tue, Oct 27th, 2015

    This is why every girl should date a travel loving man?


    There are two kinds of men – those who be the best in the world, and those who want to see the best in the world. Here’s why you women out there should date the second kind at least once in life!

    1. He’ll take you to places you’ve never even heard of before and he’ll make you see what lies beyond the four walls. He’ll spend a day with you on a tranquil beach, take you higher up than the clouds and look down from the peak of a beautiful mountain, go camping with you in a serene forest—he’ll show you the world.

    2. He will always astound you with the many stories he has to tell. There will never be a dull moment around him. He’ll tell you of the times he lived with the locals in a far off village, when he saw a snow leopard from just a few feet away, the spooky sounds he heard when he camped in that haunted forest. You’ll never feel the need of reading books once you listen to him talk about his experiences.

    3. Dates are never going to be boring with him. He won’t take you to a theatre to catch the latest Salman Khan flick. He’d rather surprise you with a late night drive to his favourite place nearby and make you have the best breakfast of your life at a local dhaba!

    4. He’s not going to get you expensive watches and swanky phones on your birthday. He wouldn’t really care about materialistic pleasure. That moment of ecstasy when you see the sun turning the snow-capped mountains into gold, that moment when he lays with you on the beach in silence, waves crashing at your feet, that moment when the birds wake you up in the middle of a forest—he’ll gift you experiences. Experiences that stay with you forever.

    5. Life is going to be an adventure with him. Every moment spent together will make you feel alive. He’ll pull you out of your comfort zone and make you see the endless possibilities life has to offer. He’ll take you to a place in life you’ll never want to return from.

    6. He will be the wisest, most thoughtful person you will ever date. He won’t be chasing materialistic success; instead, he’ll be chasing happiness and contentment. He’ll make you aspire and dream big!

    7. He will be enthusiastic, in love and life. Living life like an ordinary man is not his style. He’d want to make everyday worth living, for himself and for you.

    8. He clearly doesn’t believe in conforming to conventions this society has laid out for its people. He has taken his own life and steered it the way he has wanted to and that is precisely why he will respect your decisions in life too. You can share your biggest dreams with and be assured he will not only support them, he’ll help you achieve them too!

    9. There can be nobody more optimistic than a person who leaves behind all he has to travel the world, explore the unknown believing the happiness he is looking for is somewhere out there, waiting for him! He will fill your life with positivity, hope and aspirations.

    10. A traveller knows how to survive. He isn’t the typical metrosexual guy who takes an hour to fix just his hair before he can step out. A traveller will be able to adjust anywhere and everywhere and make the best of what he has!

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