Published On : Fri, Nov 6th, 2015

This Is How People Will React If You Are Honest This Diwali

Diwali is that time of the year when everybody, from relatives to your friends, show up at your place and exchange gifts or sweets. Irrespective of whether you like that person or not, you have to be extra sweet to him/her and welcome the person with a smile. But have you ever wondered what would happen if all those greetings were honest? How will the other person react? Well, if you are planning to celebrate an honest Diwali this year, go through the following situations and see how people would actually react to your honest greetings.

1. Your maid will go M.I.A if you ask her to work for an extra hour instead of giving her gifts and sweets.

2. Your neighbours will not talk to you if you don’t complete the formality to wish them ‘happy and prosperous Diwali’ early in the morning.

3. Your guard will probably let thugs loot your house if you give him 11 rupees as Diwali shagun instead of 101 rupees.

4. Your grandparents will never recover from the shock if you tell them that you dress for Instagram selfies and not for the pooja.

5. Your relatives will lose faith in your gifts and stop exchanging them with you if you tell them that you are passing on ‘what Sharmaji gave you last Diwali’.

6. Your friends will definitely stop inviting you to card parties if you drink too much and spill everyone’s secrets.

7. And your mom will lose it if you give your honest opinion about the artistic blot she calls a rangoli.

8. Your dad will never buy you anything again if you tell him that he got you cheap crackers last Diwali.