Published On : Sat, Mar 7th, 2015

This is a film every Indian Man must watch says Shashi Tharoor


Reacting strongly to the Indian Government banning screening of the documentary made by a BBC Journalist based on interviews with Nirbhaya’s rapist lodged in Tihar jail and Defense lawyers ML Sharma and AP Singh, Shashi Tharoor said :

“The Indian Government asking BBC to ban the film from being shown in India and bringing pressure on U Tube and Google to not show it is a huge embarrassment for India. Who are we protecting by doing this? Let the whole country see the mindsets that are responsible for such horrendous crimes being committed against women. I feel EVERY Indian man must be forced to see this and become aware of the misogynist attitude of our men that leads to such actions….Banning reality is like being like Gandhiji’s monkeys. ‘We see no evil’ – but that does not prevent it from happening. We cannot brush rape as something dirty and shameful happening to  the victim and brush it under the carpet.

Yes – it is shameful, but for the perpetrator, not the victim.” Congress M.P. Shashi Tharoor had some strong words to condemn the banning of the Nirbhaya documentary and the efforts being made to tarnish the UPA Government as anti – woman because they allowed for the interviews to take place ( in Tihar jail) and the film to be made.

“UPA Government did nothing wrong in allowing this film to be made. If it mirrors our society we should see the picture and face it. Only then we can change it” commented Tharoor in an interview with CNN -IBN.

He also blamed the present Modi government for paying just lip service to the cause of Women’s safety in Delhi but not doing anything about it.

“They took out full page ads promising that under our government women will be safe. But what have they done during the 9 months President’s rule in Delhi? Have street lights improved? Have CCTV cameras been installed? Has patrolling on deserted streets being increased? In fact, Jailtey has reduced the budgetary allocation to Woman and child development programs initiated by UPA” alleged Shashi Tharoor.

The banning of the documentary has led to strong reactions from people on social media too with many opining it is a wrong move.

Meanwhile, after receiving the show cause notice given to them by the Bar Association to explain their shocking statements, one of the lawyers ML Sharma tried to brazen it out by saying ” this show cause notice is based on the basis of a documentary that is supposed to be banned in India. Then who ever watched it and is now asking us to explain has indulged in illegal activities.”