Published On : Thu, Nov 12th, 2020
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The Top Spectator Sports in India

Sports are a very popular pastime in India, as they are accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. You can find groups of school children playing soccer in an open field just as easily you can find groups of younger and middle-aged men doing the same. The top spectator sports in India garner a special type of attention as these are televised nationally. Learn which spectator sports are reigning supreme in India so you can be in the know.

Football Games

Football is almost as popular in India as it is on a global level. Whether you are referring to the traditional US style of football, or play as they do in the UK, you are likely to find the football match experience in India to be quite exciting. There is an Indian National League that is made up of numerous teams, going head to head in front of big crowds of adoring fans. Sometimes, Indian football goes up against other national teams from Pakistan and beyond. If you like the idea of sitting in the stands and cheering for your favorite football stars, then you should learn more about football in India.

Badminton Pairings

Badminton is another top spectator sport in India, with both men and women making up the most well-known players. Being a sport that can be played between solo players or pairs, male or female, it can make for some pretty interesting predictions, commentary, and gossip. Badminton is so popular here that you can score tickets for a match in person, or you can simply watch it on the television. There seems to be no shortage of badminton matches coming up, so it won’t be long before you are watching your very first games. If you like fast paced action, with smart players making risky moves, then badminton is definitely the spectator sport for you.

Cricket Matches

You simply can’t talk about popular spectator sports in India without highlighting cricket. Hands down, cricket is the most enjoyed sport across all of India. With online sports betting India, fans get to  compare and make wagers on cricket players ahead of scheduled match-ups. You might already have a favored player or team in mind, or just want to see who is ranked in the number one spot. Either way, watching or wagering on cricket is exceptionally popular in India.

Whether you want to turn on the television at home and watch spectator sports that are popular in India, or visit an arena and see them live, it’s important to know which ones are the most highly rated. Badminton remains one of the oldest and most popular sports in India that has evolved over many years. Football has been gaining in popularity, with it now becoming beloved by citizens all over the country. Lastly, cricket continues to claim the top spot out of all spectator sports in the land. Try your hand at a match-up with a friend and find out if you love watching the sport as much as you enjoy watching it played live.