Published On : Tue, May 7th, 2013
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The top officials turn a Nelson’s eye towards fires but clandestinely sell truck loads of coal for “profit”

WCL top guns let coal burn to show less production, and burn Govt revenue, too

Nagpur News: If Gods want to learn and earn extra money from Their Creation by tricky, sly, crafty, deceitful ways They should adopt the above mentioned methods adopted by the human beings on the Earth. The Gods would have to traverse long distance. They just have to visit  Western Coalfields Limited and meet the top bosses of the company. The Gods will feel just relaxed and will learn and earn an easy money by the modus operandi skillfully adopted by these top bosses. We beg for pardon My Lords for bringing you in the happenings taking place in Your Creation.

However, it is bitter truth. According to an official of Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) on condition of anonymity, informed that the Pavni mine has shown production profit of Rs 80 crore and the Ballarpur Rs 50 lakh profit in the mines under Ballarpur Headquarters of WCL. The other mines could not even achieve the production target. The absurd reason put forth by the officials for less production is because of fires. However, the ground reality is, the officials gobble up the profit by blaming the fires for below target coal production.

Thousands of tonnes of stocks of coal kept at different sidings lifted from WCL mines could be witnessed burning but surprisingly and, shockingly, too, the WCL officials deliberately neglect it and make no efforts to douse the fires. And the outcome of the fires is more disturbing. The revenue of the Government  is hit hard.

 The coal mining of Ballarpur HQ mine areas come under WCL and the WCL comes under the Central Government’s undertaking and Maharatna status company Coal India Limited (CIL). The coal from Ballarpur mines is dumped at nearby sidings. This coal sometimes get burned but the fire is doused by spraying water or separating the burning coal from the dumps. However, in recent days, there are reports of coal burning incidents at dumps along several sidings in Ballarpur area mines. It may be recalled a huge fire is devouring thousands of tons of coal in the dumps of Sasti Open Mine and only one fire tender is trying to kill the fire. On other hand, the coal dumped in Ballarpur area open mines is still burning slowly when the fire was first reported a month ago. Thousands of tons of coal stocks have been destroyed in the fire. But there are no fiery efforts from WCL officials to at least douse the fire and save the remaining stock. The criminal negligence on the part of WCL officials resulted in closing to down of the Ballarpur’s underground mines thus leaving no work for miners and hitting their livelihood hard. No official of WCL visited the spots of burning coal till now. Coal at Pavni Mine, which provided a profit of Rs 80 crore, is also burning slowly but here to the WCL officials turned a Nelson’s eye.

The officials crossed the limit when they told Nagpur Today that these fires are nothing but a small incident. But the officials must understand a disaster takes place from a chain of small events. The same situation is also prevailing in the Govari mine dumping  area. The Nagpur Today tried to meet officials of respective mines but no official quoted the loss figure due to fires, the efforts made to douse the fires, why lethargy, no answers.  Nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing.

On one hand the officials often blame fires for less production of coal, and on the hand sell truck loads of coal is sold clandestinely and the money is devoured by officials. This way they are causing huge losses to WCL, and the government, too. According to sources, Vigilance Department sleuths have charged some top officials and are investigating the matter. But with the blessings of WCL top guns the charged officials still enjoy the “profit”. According to an official those top bosses who are being charged by the Vigilance Department must be removed or at least transferred to another place but remain at their places without any action. And why not? It is obvious that all the bigwigs of are hand in glove for the “profit.”