Published On : Sat, Sep 13th, 2014

The Smart Helmet

20140810203213-helmets_sizing_shippingNagpur Today: Did you guys ever wanted a virtual reality Helmet? Wanted to become like Iron Man? Well, Riders now will get a chance to get experience Virtual Reality like never before. Skully Systems, a world renowned Helmets Manufacturer have developed a Helmet with Android Integration in it. Which can be used to do a lot more than just a Bike Ride.

The Smartphone market has reached the saturation point.There are some devices that are coming into the mainstream market like wearables and in-car tech. The Skully Systems have developed a Helmet which is a combination of both these systems. The Skully AR-1 Helmet was recently launched by Skully Systems on their website. This is a Motorcycle Helmet, which lets you do much more than the average helmet.

The Company calls it as ‘Worlds Smartest motorcycle Helmet’. This device works on Android and can pair with your smartphone, which can allow you to play music, take calls, navigate roads and go online just by series of voice commands. The most exciting feature of this helmet is its rear-view display. That connects to an Ultra-wide angle 180 Deg camera behind your head that projects the location of vehicles behind your bike. Now who needs mirrors anymore? This Information is then projected onto the helmet visor. The Visor is made Electrochromic that means you can adjust with a simple switch on the side to adjust brightness according to the light intensity.



The Company has tested the helmet for integration of Bike information as well, like Fuel Meter, speedometer, acceleration, etc. The helmet comes with Fog, Scratch and Glare resistant visor.

The Price for the helmet will be $1499 which will be Rs.89,940 (Approx.) when it will be launched. At the moment the Helmet is available at a discount rate of $1399 which is Rs.83,940 (Approx.) which means $100 (Rs. 6000) less on pre-order.


Gaurang Diwe