Published On : Tue, Apr 4th, 2023
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The Royal Game of Chess: How to Play by Rules


The royalty of chess dates back to seventh-century India when it was called ‘chaturanga.’ The game is royal because it represents the military with horses, elephants, cavalry, and others. The significant aspect here is the king’s presence, and the military functions as if protecting him, thus, giving a royal touch to the game.

However, the chess rules, as we know them today, emerged in Europe in the late 15th century. It got universal acceptance by the end of the 19th century. Now chess is one of the most popular board games played worldwide. Play online chess game to master combinations, ideas, and fascinating concepts to stand the test of time. The article discusses the learning method of the game with rules.

The Golden Rules of Chess Game

You need to master combinations, ideas, and fascinating concepts to stand the test of time for a chess game online play. Above all, you must know the golden rules of chess, and those are:

  • Control the center.
  • Develop your pieces into relevant squares.
  • Ensure safety for your king.

20/40/40 Rule of Chess

Here you spend 20% of the time on openings, 40% on Middlegame, and 40% on Endgame.

Through your logical strategy and tactics, you will understand that mistakes are inevitable and that chess, like our life, is a never-ending learning procedure. You can be inventive. After all, you haven’t yet uncovered an indefinite number of beautiful combinations.

Tricks That Will Assist you in Winning in Chess

●       Chessboard Layout

A chessboard has 64 equal squares arranged in eight columns with eight rows. It comes in two alternating colors, white and black.

●       Read the Chess Game Winning Rules

In the game of Shatranj, a player’s ultimate motive is to capture the opponent’s king.

The specific motive and the move are known as “Checkmating” the king. The king is in check when someone attacks him, and the opponent must warn him.

Develop Your Skills by Playing Chess Online

Chess Online is more cooperative and uncomplicated than the traditional board game. Here, you do not even meet your opponent physically to play. But to develop the skills, you must:

  • Know the rules.
  • Play as many chess games as possible.
  • Review your mistakes and learn from them.
  • Practice with chess puzzles and review basic endgames.
  • Not memorizing openings.
  • Double-check the moves you take.

Top Chess Game Ranks and Titles

As defined in the Laws of Chess, the titles are for over-the-board standard chess.

  1. Grandmaster (GM),
  2. International Master (IM)
  3. FIDE Master (FM)
  4. Candidate Master (CM)
  5. Woman Grandmaster (WGM)
  6. Woman International Master (WIM)
  7. Woman FIDE Master (WFM)
  8. Woman Candidate Master (WCM).

Apart from the World Championship, Grandmaster is the highest title an ablest chess player can ever attain. Once obtained, you hold the title for life, but one can revoke it on rare occasions, like cheating.

Chess Game Rating Level

  • Novice (<800)
  • Beginner (800-1099)
  • Intermediate (1100-1399)
  • Intermediate 2 (1400-1699)
  • Advanced (1700-1999)
  • Expert (2000

Chess Online Game

You can easily download chess game online and chess game does not require a chessboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. Playing dual-player games like chess online is beneficial in today’s scenario as they boost memory and build up concentration power, logical thinking, and creativity. The game of chess encourages you to search for the best plan and go forward while steering to ignite the flame of victory.

The chess theory is complicated, and players must memorize many lengthy opening variations and numerous patterns. They must focus on only one main goal-to checkmate and become the victor.

Best Popular Chess Trap

  1. Noah’s Ark Trap
  2. Legal Trap
  3. Cambridge Springs Trap
  4. Lasker Trap
  5. Rubinstein Trap
  6. Siberian Trap
  7. Fajarowicz Trap
  8. Blackburne Shilling Trap
  9. Englund Gambit Trap
  10. Fishing Pole Trap

Key Takeaway

The two players’ games force you to make significant decisions influenced by your judgment. As a player, you can foresee the consequences of your actions. It educates you to look both ways before traversing the street.

Play Chess games to sharpen memory and concentration power. The game improves your logical thinking ability, prediction, creativity, imagination, and self-motivation. The game influences your cognitive and logical thinking. Thus, you understand better subjects like Science and Technology, Maths, Research, Art, Psychology, and Travel.