Published On : Sat, Dec 22nd, 2012

The Ray of Hope for Fashion Lovers ” Anish Ray ”

This week Nagpur Today thought of giving something different to its Users. The past weeks we gave our viewers an insight of the latest stores that cater to the high demand of the festive and wedding season, but this time we thought

There are always clashes among people as to what to buy, from where to buy and how much to buy but how much to buy would never be answered. This festive season like always will be the same and shopping does make life difficult for people but here we step in and try to make things simple for the people of Nagpur. Thinking where to shop? Coming back to the main issue as to where do I have to go this season to purchase my items. Then why not try out something new and here where we landed in search of that something new.

“Anish Ray “The Designer Label

“Anish Ray ’’ is a designer from Nagpur who has gone to carve a niche for him. A Bengali my birth he studied at Delhi in fashion designing and has worked with a number of national designers in the country.  He currently has Designer store at Dharampeth which he started in 2006 and has been a faculty member with INIFD situated at Nagpur.

A tête-à-tête with Anish made us aware of the love, dedication and sheer exuberance he has for the work he does.

When asked what his favorite styles of outfits were, he said Indo –western, Tuxedo’s, Lehengha and many more. He said that we can never distinguish between clothes because “Fashions fade, but style is eternal.”

The following collection is divided into 2 categories:-

  1. Men’s Wear.
  2. Women’s Wear.

Some key features about this designer before we get into the main part of the review.


  1. Anish Designs his own outfit and sketches it on the spot according to the customers preference.
  2. He doesn’t offer a catalog because he believes in satisfying the customer according to their likes and dislikes.

This brings us to the main section of the review.

Men’s Wear.

Casual Wear includes Shirts, trousers, jackets.





Style 2:-








The next in line is the formal section.

Formal Section:-






Corporate Suits:-



The next to follow is the Traditional Wear:-

Traditional Wear:-









and Tuxedo:-

This is the latest trend:-

The next in line is the all exclusive Women’s Wear which consists of One Piece dresses, Jackets, etc


One Piece Dress:-


In the formal section we have :


Western Saree:-




Salwar Suits:-



The next to step up is the traditional which is normally the collection people want to see.




Lehengha :-


Salwar Suits:-


And Kurtis



This is followed by the indo western section which has different styles that come in it


Indo-western section:-


This brings us to the end of the review but as you can see that actions speak louder than word so I let the viwers decide what they would like best .



Wishing all the shoppers and viewers a Happy Christmas and




The entire gallery below is the exclusive work of Anish Ray.