Published On : Wed, Aug 9th, 2017

“The Ram Mandir issue can be resolved by making a law for it”, says Govindacharya

K N Govindacharya
“BJP, after coming into power, had assured the people of constructing the long demanded ‘Ram Mandir’ within two years. However, due to failure of the same, people are now stipulating for it as soon as possible. Even after three years of the current government, no action has been taken neither any government representative is commenting on the situation”, said K N Govindacharya, veteran member of ‘the sangh’. He was speaking during a protest launched by his organization.

The people, who have been demanding the construction of Ram Mandir, are now insisting the government for an open public discussion on the matter.

Govindacharya, in his address, even proposed three suggestions for resolution of the issue. He said that the same can be done by discussion with public, following the orders of court and making a law in the case. He also claimed that the government is not taking firm steps for protecting cow